You´re in the kingdom of the TriMatch-King

He´s very glad to have you here !

There´s no rule, style, genre... We work with sound and silence.

O TriMatch king é uma banda com som voltado para o progressivo dos anos 70, rock e música experimental. TriMatch King é formado por André Mousikos, Maurício Scaramal, Rodrigo Fonseca e The Robot

The TriMatch king is a band with sound of progressive of age 70, rock and experimental music. TriMatch King is André Mousikos, Maurício Scaramal, Rodrigo Fonseca and The Robot

Nobody can find a man lost at sea,
but say that I can, they all know.
Nobody can see for miles like me,
saving the ships all around.
High up here, I see the waves and the rocks.
Tonight you can sail,
I have eyes in all lighthouses.
Because I can sing this song.
Nobody can hear the song of the whales,
but say that I can they all know.
Nobody else can protect my old bay,
I hear whales and much more.
High up here, I see a storm coming soon.
Tonight you can’t sail.
You’d better leave your lovely home.
Because I’ll sing the calling song...
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